ACAD Create Dedicated SVQ Centre Delivering Scottish Vocational Qualifications

ACAD has now successfully created a dedicated SVQ centre delivering Scottish Vocational Qualifications to support the Asbestos sector throughout Scotland.  This Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) centre is available to Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors as well as IATP and UKATA members with the confidence that ACAD is assuring the quality [read more]

Changing SAP Now Even Better!

The SAP has evolved, find out how below and contact us today to secure spaces for your new or developing operatives on our first intake of the new SAP scheduled for Monday 21 May. There are 3 main improvements to the SAP that are detailed below but the sector leading content remains the same including extensive ACAD Asbestos training, Mines Resc[read more]

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 28 May 2018. The new Regulation gives the individual more robust protection against misuse of their personal information/data. As an employer you will have a great deal of personal information in your possession, this is fine…..but there are new requirements about what exactly you[read more]

ACAD to Celebrate 25 Years in Style

2018 is a significant milestone for our organisation and on Thursday 7 June we will be hosting a celebratory Golf Day & Gala Dinner to mark 25 years of supporting the Asbestos Industry. This year’s event will be held at Oulton Hall Hotel in Leeds. Many thanks to our sponsors this year, Direct Insurance, Thermac, Windsor Waste and Assure36[read more]

Field trials stage for ALERT

The real-time fibre monitoring system gives instant results – why not get involved with the field trial? ACAD has been supporting the development of the ALERT system for a number of years, and it’s great to see it reaching the field trial stage. “It really is a great piece of kit with potentially some great applications,’ says Gilpin Environm[read more]

Information leads to improvement

Every Wednesday morning we receive information from the Asbestos Licensing Unit showing all live notifications across the UK. Basic details of each job are also provided. It’s this information which enables us to plan our unannounced audits. “Importantly, and as expected, over the past 12 months the type of issues found during the audit and thei[read more]

ARG Group Are Recruiting!

Due to business requirements and expansion we are actively seeking a self-driven, enthusiastic Asbestos Contracts Manager in the South East area. Applications from London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent and the surrounding areas will be welcome. Minimum requirements: • Must come from a strong sbestos/technical/management/removals/contracts backg[read more]

ACAD Secures Substantial Funding from CITB to Ensure High Quality VQ Assessment for the Asbestos Sector in the UK

ACAD, the not for profit trade association leading the Asbestos sector, secures substantial funding from CITB to ensure high quality VQ assessment for the Asbestos sector throughout the UK. The Construction Leadership Council decision of January 2015 firmly established VQ standards at the heart of all skilled occupations throughout the UK Constr[read more]

CSCS Exit from the Asbestos Sector

CSCS have announced their card scheme is closing to the Asbestos Sector from 31 of March 2018 with all applications for both new cards and renewals having to go through the sector managed card schemes. The ACAD Skill Card, the Asbestos sectors first CSCS affiliated card scheme, will be approaching its first anniversary around this time and offers t[read more]

CITB Increase Achievement Grant by 50%

CITB, the standard setting body for the Asbestos sector, has announced their NVQ achievement grant is increasing by 50%, from £400 to £600 from April 2018. CITB also recently secured consensus from industry on the basis of lowering their levy rate by 30%, thus offering a double boost. ACAD has a long history of working closely with CITB ensuring[read more]