Information leads to improvement

Every Wednesday morning we receive information from the Asbestos Licensing Unit showing all live notifications across the UK. Basic details of each job are also provided. It’s this information which enables us to plan our unannounced audits.

“Importantly, and as expected, over the past 12 months the type of issues found during the audit and their frequency has remained fairly static when comparing unannounced audits with those requested by members,” says ACAD Manager, Graham Warren. “This demonstrates how ACAD members deliver a consistently high standard irrespective of whether or not they are being audited.”

“Reassuringly, this latest set of data finds the major negative issues in single figures. Top of the list were issues around the storage and maintenance of half masks which required further attention than had been given. Next most frequent was inappropriate material in the hazardous waste skip. This includes loose cardboard and timber offcuts. On a handful of occasions we identified DCU doors that did not fully self-close.

Our audits also help us identify areas of good practice. ACAD members continue to innovate, regularly impressing our auditors with the standard of their sites.

“More and more regularly we are seeing great examples of positive worker engagement, a vital part of any company and an area looked at in detail during licencing. R&D surveys specific to the scope of work are becoming increasingly commonplace and thereby provide more useful information to LARCs,” explains Graham. “It’s also really pleasing to see improved air management, with supervisors demonstrating a thorough understanding of all the variables associated with this critical area.”

Audits are discussed at Regional Meetings, which are a great way of finding out about the latest innovations in the sector, and sharing best practice.