Field trials stage for ALERT

The real-time fibre monitoring system gives instant results – why not get involved with the field trial?

ACAD has been supporting the development of the ALERT system for a number of years, and it’s great to see it reaching the field trial stage.

“It really is a great piece of kit with potentially some great applications,’ says Gilpin Environmental’s Technical Manager Rob Burley. “The ability to offer real time fibre monitoring could revolutionise the air monitoring associated with asbestos removal works.

The main problem with leak testing for example is the time delay involved and, unless you happened to be running a test when a problem arises, you might never know a leak has occurred. Whilst ALERT is a long way from a UKAS/WHO approved method; it does not produce a concentration for example, being able to give an instant ALERT to the presence of airborne asbestos fibres outside a working area has obvious advantages.

Such an approach would mean main contractors and clients could even undertake their own ad hoc monitoring outside enclosures, strengthening their auditing ability as the ALERT system requires little training to operate, unlike the technical proficiency required to collect and read a traditional air test.”

ALERT uses laser light scattering technology in conjunction with the unique paramagnetic properties of asbestos fibres to make the statistical analysis to 98% confidence. ALERT was originally conceived as a safety device for tradespeople to offer an immediate alert should they inadvertently disturb asbestos or they find themselves in an asbestos contaminated area.

ACAD members can get involved with ALERT field trials. The development team are looking for participants who are actively removing asbestos in a variety of environments.

“ALERT confirms Asbestos fibres are present and does so incredibly quickly but this system cannot be used to determine the all-important fibre concentrations. That’s where the existing PCM technique is needed,” explains Loretta King, ALERT Technology’s Marketing Director. “We really see this system as offering a useful supplement to existing technologies in the Asbestos sector, not a replacement for these tried and trusted techniques.”

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“If ALERT can reproduce in the field what is has promised to do in the laboratory, we stand on the edge of perhaps the biggest revolution we have seen in our history of controlling asbestos,” concludes Rob.

ALERT Technology, a spin out from The Select Group of Companies Ltd, officially began trading on 1st January 2017. £1m of private equity investment was secured, enabling ALERT Technology to move towards commercialisation. Investment has allowed ALERT to expand their team, produce sample units for commercial field trials with future customers ahead of commercial production and further enhance and improve the technology.