CSCS Exit from the Asbestos Sector

CSCS have announced their card scheme is closing to the Asbestos Sector from 31 of March 2018 with all applications for both new cards and renewals having to go through the sector managed card schemes. The ACAD Skill Card, the Asbestos sectors first CSCS affiliated card scheme, will be approaching its first anniversary around this time and offers the full sweep of cards to support the entire Asbestos Sector.

With NVQ standards at its heart, the ACAD Skill card, which carries the CSCS logo signifying its alignment with the standards in the CLC decision, is available for the same price as a standard CSCS card with quick and easy applications available through our website.

Graham Warren ACAD Manager said “The important message here is not to panic! This announcement from CSCS does not mean their existing cards will be cancelled or no longer accepted on site. CSCS cards will continue to be accepted alongside the ACAD Skill Card until their expiry date. What companies need to ensure is they start contacting ACAD to get the ball rolling on their NVQ qualifications for operatives and supervisors to ensure they can renew their cards at expiry.”

Further information can be found on the CSCS website.

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