CITB Increase Achievement Grant by 50%

CITB, the standard setting body for the Asbestos sector, has announced their NVQ achievement grant is increasing by 50%, from £400 to £600 from April 2018. CITB also recently secured consensus from industry on the basis of lowering their levy rate by 30%, thus offering a double boost.

ACAD has a long history of working closely with CITB ensuring the funding they bring in to the sector is spent appropriately. Over the past few years ACAD has unlocked over £1m of CITB funding for it’s members and clients. Asbestos removal is ‘in scope’ for the CITB levy order from Government that covers the removal of asbestos from buildings or the fabric of buildings so for example AIB, AC, textured coatings and vinyl floor tiles.

Graham Warren ACAD Manager commented ‘This welcome announcement is perfectly timed by CITB given the task facing the sector in implementing the CLC decision. A particular advantage to ACAD members, is the funding ACAD has already secured from CITB that subsidises L2 qualifications by £400. Taken together the net cost for NVQ L2 delivered by ACAD is less than £100 if you are a CITB levy payer.’

For organisations who do not meet the CITB criteria, and those existing CITB levy payers, watch out for some exciting new developments being announced by ACAD over the coming months which will open up new avenues to NVQ that will prove very cost effective.