Regionals Round Up

The latest round of informative and interesting ACAD Regionals has now drawn to a close.  Attendees are now fully up to speed with the NVQ challenge facing the sector driven by the CLC decision that at a stroke over 1,000 days ago made routes to CSCS cards that are not equivalent to NVQ redundant.  Whilst the challenge is significant, ACAD members now have firm options available when it comes to NVQ achievement by incredibly cost effective routes that will make the implementation of NVQ standards much more straight forward.  This included some fantastic CITB funding options available through ACAD for our levy paying members.

The ACAD Skill Card, the sector’s first CSCS affiliated card scheme for Asbestos workers was explained including routes to each card and how these can be turbocharged with the Skill Sight database available through ACAD.  This state of the art system is set to become the industry standard for maintaining training records on site, to support this ACAD training will be added to existing CSCS cards of all our delegates where our members require this free of charge.

Good Practice elements were shared and incidents and audit data were discussed, offering some great opportunities for improvement across the sector.  In addition the drafts of new documents being worked upon by the ALG Technical Working Group that are set for imminent release were explored generating a lot of discussion and allowing ACAD members to prepare for their release to ensure they remain at the forefront of technical requirements in the sector.

ACAD Regionals occur throughout the UK three times each year.  To ensure you and your organisation does not miss out contact us today to find out dates for 2018.