New set of SAPs

John Dalziel (Greenair Environmental Ltd), Tom O’Neil (Zeras Industries), Hellen Pemberton Curriculum Manager, Barrie Ireland (Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services), Lee Hulse (Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services) and Mark Kane(kneeling) from Greenair Environmental Ltd.

October saw the start of another intake for the Specialist Apprenticeship Programme.

We continue to lead the sector; promoting the aspirational route to competence for new starters in licensed asbestos.

Specialist Apprentices benefit from 18.5 days training delivered in week-long blocks over a 13 month period. These have been carefully selected to equip apprentices with the full spectrum of supportive training necessary for today’s industry.

“It’s a bit strange being back in the classroom but I’m really enjoying it,” says Tom O’Neil. “It’s great to get more training and see how we can develop our skills.”

The Specialist Apprenticeship Programme (SAP) includes the industry standard three day ‘New Operative’ course, additional in-depth practical asbestos training which builds towards the NVQ L2 Diploma in the removal of Hazardous Waste (Construction) – Licensed Asbestos by the end of the second year.

“Following the formal off-the-job training modules, NVQ assessments take place at YOUR live sites meaning minimal down time,” says ACAD Manager, Graham Warren.

“Companies who have already had employees benefitting from this training, continue to send new members of their workforce to us as they are seeing the real results of having a well trained team.”

On completion of the SAP, apprentices get an ACAD ‘Skilled Worker’ card – having achieved the only qualification in our sector which meets the Construction Leadership Council’s criteria – NVQ L2.

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