Certificated regionals help CPD

ACAD Manager Graham Warren explains a new scheme whereby attending Regional Meetings can help your continual professional development (CPD)…

“Whilst formal refresher training is required, or preferred, by many, there’s never been an alternative to the annual refresher ‘ticket’.  Until now.

Asbestos refresher training requirements for directors and managers can be summarised into three broad areas:
 Have any training needs been identified?
Licence holders should assess employees to identify any training needs and where a gap in an individual’s competence is identified refresher training should be delivered.  It is not acceptable to leave it until annual refresher training is due.
• Is there anything new/are you doing something differently?
Asbestos professionals should be signed up to HSE’s web communities as there will always be new information to digest.  If you are not in this loop and don’t have any other communication channels open then you should learn something new during your refresher training.  But, can any business afford to wait for up to 11 months to find out something new from HSE?
• Share good practice and review where things have gone wrong
All licence holders know they need to proactively review and share within their organisation any good practice they identify, and explore any issues they have faced.

Many professional asbestos managers and directors from ACAD member organisations can demonstrate they do not have any training needs, but they still need to ensure they keep up to date and learn from one another’s experiences.

ACAD regional meetings are held three times each year.

A significant portion of time is set aside for the sharing of good practice and learning from each other, as well as the inclusion of ACAD audit data from members across the UK.

ACAD regionals are therefore a perfect fit for what is best described as CPD for licensed asbestos professionals.  It’s for this reason ACAD now offer to certificate the learning from our regional meetings, detailing exactly what has been delivered to support our members’ internal TNA/CPD programmes.”

The next round of regionals are in November.